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Glowmoon Doll



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Artist's Choice Faceup

The second in the Queen Mab series, Peaseblossom's sweetness and kindness are unmatched, making her a beloved friend to all. Her genuine nature and sincere demeanor create an atmosphere of trust and comfort in their group of four. She's endlessly curious about the world, always eager to learn and explore with Mustardseed, Cobweb and Moth (Cobweb and Moth forthcoming from Glowmoon Doll!). Peaseblossom's loyalty knows no bounds and she loves her three best friends as if they were her sisters.

This is a blank resin doll.

*Please note that resin colors may appear different on monitors, they may appear slightly divergent in person than they do on the screen. 


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How do I care for my doll?

To clean your doll use room-temperature or warm water to wet a soft cloth with a little non-abrasive soap. Gently wipe away dirt or scuffs.

What if you don't already offer shipping to my country?

I have been able to ship to other regions on a case-by-case basis. Reach out by email and let me know!

What if I need to return my items?

Returns are accepted but please email me to get that started. We will come up with a solution together.

Do you offer custom dolls?

Currently I offer artist-choice faceups in two brow color options, dark and light. If you have an unusual brow color request or have a more custom order idea reach out and email me!